Om Zoëga


My vision

With a mind full of dreams and color I have always created imaginative objects for wearing and decoration. I am fascinated with modern life, but also in complete love with fashion history throughout the times. I am inspired by surrealism and movements in all forms. Movement in the shape of dancing in a nightclub, in the changing of weather, in growing up. I hope you will carry Zoëga Jewellery with you in these.


Zoëga Jewellery is a community of daydreamers expressing their personality without hesitation.

We strive to show the world our true selfs with jewellery as our token of courage and intention.


All great journeys start with putting on your jewellery.

My work

Zoëga Jewellery is based in Islands Brygge, Copenhagen where I make all jewellery by hand. I use recycled silver and gold whenever it is possible, and try my best to uphold a small scale sustainable practice. Some of my pieces are goldplated, but can all be made in solid recycled 14 kt. gold. Please contact me for prices at The goldplating is as good as it gets and a very durable finish. I offer re-plating for a small fee on all Zoëga Jewellery pieces.